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Functional Wellness Services

What's Included in 1:1 Coaching?

  • A customized plan based on what is best for YOU. Prior to our onboarding call, you will complete 3 questionnaires so that we can hear about your past medical history, your lifestyle, stress levels, symptoms, current diet, goals, etc. Bottom line, we will meet you where you are and make small steps to ensure this is realistic and manageable. Our goals for you will always go in phases so you don't get overwhelmed :) We want to keep the momentum going!

  • A private client app: through the app you have constant messaging capability with your coach to ask questions and get support when you need it most! This will also be how you complete your written check-ins and enter any other metrics your coach needs!

  • Weekly review of food logs with actionable advice

  • Weekly videos from your coach going through your check-in form and diet

  • 30 minute optional Zoom call once monthly

  • Access to our medical team

  • Access to lab ordering - both serum and functional test kits (limitations with NY). Cost of labs is not included in coaching price.

  • 20% off medical grade supplementation

Let’s Get Started!

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